Yoga at Carabiner’s

Acro yoga

Acro yoga at Carabiner’s

Acro Yoga

Take your yoga off the mat and into the air. Acro yoga practices build trust, compassion, connection and communication among the yogis. On a personal level, Acro yoga develops empowerment, life balance and a sense of pure joy. On a physical level, the practice improves balance, flexibility and strength. Acro is for all levels. Learn to trust your partner, give up your fear of falling … and truly learn how to fly!

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga really is yoga! The hammock is used as a prop for yoga asanas. It assists you lengthening and opening postures like you never thought possible. Have trouble with balancing? Let the hammock guide you into sustaining a balance posture like never before. The hammock allows for inversions with no pressure on your cervical spine. It is suitable for all levels and styles of yoga, from restorative to power or vinyasa flow. This playful and energizing practice leaves you feeling relaxed, lengthened and integrated. Build heat, strength and flexibility to challenge your entire mind/body and awaken your inner-child. Get ready to fly!

Core Strength Vinyasa

This yoga class is focused on fine-tuning and strengthening the core of the body to improve control and stability with whatever you do (yoga, climb, run, exist, etc). We will work specifically abdominals, obliques, back muscles that support your spine, hip flexors and glutes to cultivate deeper awareness of the core as we flow through poses and exercises. Be ready to work and watch your practice evolve!

Empower Yoga

Neil’s Empower Yoga classes, expect a series of athletic sequences while moving with intention and preserving the integrity of the postures throughout the flow. An upbeat playlist can sometimes surprise, and inspires the sweet and sweaty rhythm of Neil’s Vinyasa. His use of singing bowls, inspired readings, manual assists and lavender essential oils are some of the hallmarks of his class. Expect to move, sweat, laugh, and most importantly have fun.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Restorative Aerial Yoga

Nick focuses on grounding attention deep in the core of the body, through rhythmic movement of the pelvic floor and lower abdominal muscles and deep expansive breathing. We practice initiating movement in and through the poses from the pelvic floor, with that initial point of engagement creating an unbroken flow of sensation, awareness and physical expression. He has noticed that student’s movements become at once more fluid and more grounded as they bring awareness deep into the body. This also generates a blissful experience, and it is his feeling that this natural pleasure can be the catalyst for a profound release of tension and stress in both body and mind.

Sound Healing Meditation

Experience the Synergy of Sound. The healing vibrations from live instruments such as crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, drums, ting-shaws, rattles, chimes, flutes, shangs, and more are a powerful support for people brand new to meditation, and the experienced practitioner. This is guided meditation. All you have to do lie back or find a comfortable seat. The intention of this meditation is to leave you feeling balanced, grounded, and uplifted.

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow classes focus on the physical and meditative aspects of yoga. Raise awareness of body, breath and self. You’ll be guided to move intuitively through a fun & accessible flow, set to a fantastically crafted playlist. Often sweaty, always uplifting. All levels are welcome. (Because of the flowing nature of this class, some prior knowledge of basic yoga postures is helpful, but is not necessary.)

Sunday morning yoga flow with Andrea

Sunday morning yoga flow