Pole Fitness at Carabiner’s

Why Pole Fitness at Carabiner’s?

Pole Fitness Instructor Cassandra

Pole Fitness Instructor Cassandra

Pole fitness is an excellent full-body workout that cross-trains very well with rock climbing as well as with most, if not all, of our other classes. It uses and builds on core strength, overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and body confidence.

At Carabiner’s, our pole fitness classes focus not only on learning and perfecting new moves and techniques, but on your individual progress over time. Our instructors love to help students grow in skill and in confidence!

We strive to provide a friendly, inclusive atmosphere in which to learn. All body types and genders are welcome. Classes are currently for ages 18+, but there is no upper limit.


Carabiner’s has some of the best values you’ll ever find for pole fitness classes.

You can pay for classes one-at-a-time with fitness day passes, or you can take unlimited classes with a fitness membership. Fitness day passes include all classes offered that day (pole and otherwise), and fitness memberships include all classes offered that month.

Please see our rates page for current prices for fitness day passes or for memberships.


We recommend comfortable shorts and a comfortable tank top or tee-shirt. While leggings will work for most spins, it’s difficult to climb or do most tricks while wearing them, so we don’t recommend them for pole class. Classes are learned barefoot.

At more advanced levels, students often wear shorts and a sports bra (or just shorts, as appropriate to gender). This is because more advanced moves require a wider variety of points of contact with the pole (such as shoulders, back, sides, and stomach), and the grip of skin-to-pole contact (rather than fabric-to-pole) is helpful or necessary for many of these moves.

Whatever level you are coming in at and whatever else you’re wearing, please do not wear lotion! It’s slippery, which makes everything in pole fit much more difficult. If you do have lotion on, please wash your hands before class.

Pole Fit Classes Currently Offered at Carabiner’s

Intro to Pole

If you’ve never tried pole dance or pole fit before, now’s the time! Our intro to pole fitness course is appropriate for absolute beginners, novices, and anyone wanting to work on the fundamentals. Our instructors will work with you to help you build the skill and strength necessary to begin building up a repertoire of floorwork, spins, tricks, climbs, and even inverting!

Intro & Mixed-Level Pole Fitness

Much the same as our intro class, our mixed-level pole fitness class is appropriate for absolute beginners looking to start from the ground up. This course is also often attended by students who have been doing pole for awhile. Mixed-level pole classes can offer a unique opportunity for peer learning, as well as a way to spend time with the community of pole fitness enthusiasts who frequent Carabiner’s. It’s a great way to make friends while upping your own pole game!

Open Pole

Practice makes perfect! The pole room is reserved exclusively for member and visitor pole use during this time, so you can come and use our poles to work on perfecting your pole tricks and practicing your pole dance routines. If you don’t have a membership, you can use the room for the same low price as a weight room and cardio equipment day pass (please see our rates page for current pricing).