Little Climber

Climbing is a great activity for kids!

Q. What is the minimum age for climbers?

A. We do not have a minimum age for climbers. All climbers must be able to fit into a climbing harness and have the desire to climb. Typically kids start climbing around age 5, but we have kids as young as 2 years old climb regularly.

Q. Do children need to wear helmets to climb?

A. That is at parent/guardian discretion. While they are not commonly used, especially for older children, Carabiner’s has helmets available for those that would like to wear them, free of charge.

Q. What is the minimum age for belay certification?

A. Patrons age 12 years and up will be considered for learning to belay.

Belaying at Carabiner's

If you need a belay refresher, just ask!

Q. I already know how to belay, how do I get certified by Carabiner’s?

A. All you need to do is take our free certification test. If you can demonstrate proper equipment use, thorough partner check, safe belay technique, ability to catch a fall, controlled lowering, and a retraced figure 8 knot you’ll be all set.

If it’s been a while, we offer a free belay refresher.

Q. Will I need to rent equipment?

A. If you own your own climbing equipment, bring it with you. It must be in good condition, less than 10 years from the manufacture date, fit properly, and be specifically designed for use in climbing. If you don’t own equipment yet, no problem.
We have harnesses, climbing shoes, chalk, belay devices and helmets available for rent.

Q. Can I use an ATC or tube style belay device?

A. Due to insurance requirements, Carabiner’s New Bedford does not allow ATC or other tube-style belay devices. The only belay device allowed to be used is the Petzl Grigri. Professionals and amateurs alike can learn and use the GriGri quickly and safely. If you do not own a Grigri, we have them available for rent.

Q. Do I need an appointment?

A. We strongly encourage making an appointment for any course or program that requires staff assistance. We do our best to accommodate walk-ins but cannot guarantee we’ll have staff available immediately when you arrive. With an appointment and 50% deposit we’ll make sure our staff is scheduled and ready just for you.