Employment at Carabiner’s

Here at Carabiner’s, we are always open to adding new members to our team.

Front Desk Staff

Team Carabiner’s!

We are currently actively seeking:

  • Barre Instructors
  • Pole Fit Instructors

There are two types of positions that are available ongoing: floor/desk staff, and instructor.

Floor/desk staff are employees of Carabiner’s. Responsibilities include:

  • Working the desk
  • Teaching and assisting customers how to climb and use equipment safely
  • Belaying customers (ex. personal belay, parties)
  • Helping keep the gym clean and tidy
  • Helping provide the best possible experience to customers

Fitness instructors are subcontracted with Carabiner’s. Responsibilities include:

  • Providing high-quality instruction to students
  • Ensuring student safety, including incident reporting as needed
  • Communicating effectively with customers and with Carabiner’s staff
  • Helping provide the best possible experience to customers

If you think that you have something to add to our gym and its programs, please get in touch!