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Important Note

If you’re already a belayer (a person trained to control the climbing rope) and don’t need any staff assistance, then of course, just come on in! However, we encourage making an appointment for any course or program that does requires staff assistance. Walk-ins are welcome, but with an appointment and 50% deposit we’ll ensure our staff is scheduled and ready just for you.

All visitors are asked to complete a registration form before climbing, and this only needs to be done once, on your first visit. Save yourself a few minutes, and CLICK HERE to register beforehand online! Otherwise, just register when you get here.


Belay Course

belaycoursephotoLearning how to be a belayer is the first step to becoming self-sufficient in the sport. You will learn how to use the equipment, communicate with your climber, knot-tying, and most importantly how to double-check before each climb. You don’t need to be a climber to be a belayer, if you just want to belay your kids or friends. Day pass, climbing gear, and instruction is included.

  • $35 per person (2 or more climbers)
  • $50 private lesson
  • Includes day pass and equipment rental
  • Call (203) 416-5500 to schedule your Belay Course



Intro to Climbing Packageintrocourse

This course, our most complete starter course, starts with an hour of coaching basic climbing moves (e.g., stemming, mantling, lay-back, etc.), followed by our Belay Course. Now you’ve got a good starting foundation!

  • $90 private lesson
  • $75 per person (2+)
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Day pass & equipment included
  • Call (203) 416-5500 to schedule your Intro Course




Sport Climbing – Learn to Lead

leadclimbingTake the “sharp end” of the rope and learn to lead on our huge sport climbing wall. You’ll learn proper clipping, rope management, lead belay, and falling technique in this two-part advanced climbing/belaying course.
Prerequisites: Several months of extensive top rope belay experience and comfortable climbing 5.9+ terrain.

  • $90 per person
  • $140 private lesson
  • Two 2-hour sessions
  • Call (203) 416-5500 to schedule your Lead Climbing Course



Private Climbing Lesson

For any age or ability, take our private climbing lesson and bring your climbing skills to a higher level! This lesson will be customized to the individual.

  • $60 per person


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