• Carabiners Climbing Teams

    Learning Team
    Learning team is ideal for young climbers that are starting to get serious and want to take their climbing on a more competetive track. Learning Team meets once each week for coached sessions emphasizing teamwork, belay and safety skills, footwork, improved fiu0081tness and technique through bouldering and climbing exercises. This is the right place to start for kids interested in trying out for our Competitive Climbing Team.
    Schedule: Monday 4pm-6pm or Tuesday 6pm-8pm
    Tuition: $350 / 12 weeks / 1 weekly practice

    • Ages 8-17

    • Full gym membership included

    • Includes rental equipment on team nights

    • 10% pro shop discount

    • Previous climbing experience required

    • Call (203) 416-5500 for information and enrollment options

    Competitive Climbing Team
    Following the model of USA Climbing, our Competitive Climbing Team is the fiu0081nal stop on a climbers journey to reaching their full potential. Our team members have made a serious commitment to the sport of rock climbing and to bettering themselves both individually and as a cohesive team. Twice weekly practice sessions are focused on developing technique, strength, flexibility, determination, and confiu0081dence as we prepare teammates to compete in local and nationally sanctioned competitions.
    Schedule: Monday & Thursday | 6pm-8pm
    Bouldering Season: September to January
    Sport Climbing Season: January to May
    Tuition: TBD / 16 week season

    • Full gym membership included

    • Includes rental equipment on team nights

    • 15% pro shop discount

    • Schedule coincides with USA Climbing competition schedule

    • Enrollment is by invitation and requires team or club climbing experience

    • Call (203) 416-5500 for eligibilty requirements