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    What is indoor rock climbing?

    Carabiner's offers three types of indoor rock climbing on our walls ranging from 15ft to 65ft high. Climbing holds are arranged in routes creating a variety of interesting climbing for climbers of nearly any age or ability.

    Top Rope Climbing
    Toprope climbing is ideal for beginners and advanced climbers alike. Climbers wear safety harnesses and are "belayed" with climbing ropes on walls ranging from 15-65 feet in height. Toprope climbing requires a certified "belayer" who controls the rope keeping the slack to a minimum, catches any falls, and lowers the climber down the wall.

    Bouldering is perhaps the simplest form of climbing but the terrain can be extreme! It involves climbing without a rope on shorter walls (~15ft) over padded flooring and gymnastic pads. No certification or appointment is required, just a quick orientation to bouldering safety with our staff. Because of the advanced terrain found in Bouldering, we suggest enrolling in a Personal Belayon your first visit. Children must be supervised by an adult in the bouldering area.

    Lead Climbing
    Lead climbing is an advanced form of climbing where the lead climber clips the rope into preplaced protection called quick draws. The lead wall features mostly overhanging, intermediate to advanced routes intended for experienced, certified lead climbers. Lead Certification is available to climbers that have passed our free lead test or completed a Carabiners Lead Course.