Latest & Greatest: Back Wall Paint Job

We have been steadily updating and upgrading the gym for the last couple years. Starting with extending the overhanging boulder feature in the back and continuing with installing new floors in the front and back bouldering areas. Then we installed new flooring in the workout area and now we have repainted the back wall.

This has been a goal for the last year and we have done many experiments with different paints and gotten input from many sources. We ended up using the Nicros texture paint and mixing the color ourselves. The design was sketched on the spot, planned and installed by a awesome team of people. Thanks to Janice, Matt, Evan, Dwight, Nolan and Jamie as well as three kick ass members who donated their time to help us out; Jamie Macedo, Phong Tieu and Sam Traggis.

The main boulder feature is next up to be painted. Its gonna be radical!!!

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