Birthday Parties

Kids love rock climbing parties and they’ll never forget their first time reaching the top of the wall. The best part is its fun for them and easy for you. All ages welcome and experience is not required.

What’s Included
Birthday parties at Carabiners are a 2 hour rock climbing adventure. Our staff of certified instructors will guide your young mountaineers throught the climbing gym for 1.5 hours followed by 30 minutes in our decorated party room for snacks and cake.

We Provide:

  • Certified Instructors (1:6 ratio)
  • Safety Equipment: harness, climbing shoes, helmets
  • Cleanup after the party

Party Room Includes:

  • Paper products: plates, bowls, cups, napkins, tablecloth
  • Plasticware: forks, spoons, knifes
  • Refrigerator and freezer
  • Sink and large counter space
  • Tables and chairs

You Provide:

  • Food & drinks
  • Cake and candles
  • Invitations including our Registration Form WebLink


  • $350 flat rate includes the first 10 climbers with 2 certified instructors.
  • + $20ea additional climber (over 10)
  • + $50ea additional certified belayer (1:6 ratio required)

Call (203) 416-5500 to check availability and reserve your party!

Important Notes

Registration Form & Safety Agreement
All climbers are required to complete our Online Registration Form & Safety Agreement before they are allowed to enter the climbing area. Minors must have their registration completed by a parent or court appointed legal guardian before they can be allowed to climb.

Save valuable climbing time by asking your guests to pre-register on our website.

Deposits & Cancellation


Deposits of $175 (50%) + $50 per additional belayer are required to confirm your party reservation. Please call in advance to check availability and be sure you have selected the right day and time before leaving a deposit.

Cancellation & Changes

30 days notice is required for all refunds and rescheduling. A $50 change fee is charged for all changes after deposit has been given. We are unable to refund or reschedule confirmed parties within 30 days of event.


Q. Does Carabiners provide food?
A. Carabiner’s does not supply any food or beverages for parties. You are welcome to bring refreshments or have food catered. Menus for local pizza delivery restaurants are available at the front desk and we’re happy help place your order. Cold beverages including water, Gatorade, and juice are available for sale at the front desk.

Q. How many climbs will the kids get to do?
A. The simple answer is TONS! While we don’t count the number of climbs, we do ensure a low climber to instructor ratio to ensure everyone has several opportunities to climb the walls and rope ladders. If you would like to add additional staff, you can hire additional instructors for $50 each. Please request additional belayers when you book your reservation.

Q. How old do climbers need to be?
A. There is no minimum age requirement for climbers at Carabiners. Children as young as two years old have climbed to the top! If young children are eager to climb they are welcome to participate.

Q. What is the instructor / climber ratio?
A. Carabiners provides 1 instructor for every 6 climbers at the base party rate. Additional belayers can be added at your request for $50 per belayer. Please request any additional belayers when you book your reservation.

Q. Do the kids have to climb the whole time?
A. Kids are encouraged to climb as much as they like but can certainly sit out a turn if they need to rest. In addition to rock climbing walls we also offer cargo nets, rope climbing, low ropes elements and slacklining which are available on request.

Q. What if we do not want to use the party room, can we climb longer?
A. Of course, its your party! We’re happy to climb for the entire 2 hour party if you do not wish to use our party room. Please let us know in advance if you do NOT want to use the room.