About Carabiner’s

Rock Gym Stats

Carabiner's has 65' walls for you to climb!

Carabiner’s has 65′ walls for you to climb!

  • 65′ walls
  • 36,600 sq ft of climbing space
  • 140+ toproping routes
  • 120+ boulder problems
  • 50+ leadable routes
  • 6 autobelays
  • 65′ climbing rope, rope ladder, and chain ladder (all toprope)

Fitness Classes

Classes Offered at Carabiner’s Include

Click here for our current class list and schedule.

Fitness Equipment

We are a full-service gym, with both cardio and weight equipment available to members, or with the purchase of a day pass.

Equipment includes:

  • stationary bikes
  • ellipticals
  • treadmills
  • well-equipped weight room
The pro shop at Carabiner's has the gear you need to get climbing!

The pro shop at Carabiner’s has the gear you need to get climbing!

Fitness Studios and Event Rooms

  • fitness studio (upstairs)
  • outlook studio (main floor)
  • weight room (downstairs)

Other amenities

  • pro shop (climbing equipment, snacks, clothes)
  • locker rooms, including showers
  • free wifi
  • climate control

Our history

Steve Caton

Steve Caton

Carabiner’s was founded in 2004 by Steve Caton. At that time, Carabiner’s was the largest indoor climbing facility in the country!

We are currently fourth-largest in the country, and are still the largest in New England!
(source: Climbing Business Journal, as of 2017).

Our goal has always been to provide the community with fun climbing and fitness opportunities in a comfortable and welcoming environment.