Ladies Bouldering Clinic 2016

Ladies Bouldering Clinic

Kristin Re will be leading a ladies only bouldering clinic the first Sunday of every month from 12pm-2pm starting on...

New Routes March 21 2016

New Routes Going Up Mar 2016!!!

We have ten new routes going up this week on the east wall, speed wall and on the tower. Next...

Instant Plastic Classic March 2016

Instant Plastic Classic Video March 2016

Monica Vasconcelos climbing our latest Instant Plastic Classic called “Its A Ball!!” clocking in at the grade of V4.

Welcome to Christine Jenks!

Welcome to Christine Jenks!

Christine is Power Pilates Mat Core I and II, TotalBarre, TRX and Spin certified. She received her Bachelor of Fine...

Reset in the Arches & Alcoves March 2016

Reset in the Arches & Alcoves March 2016!!

We have a awesome new reset in the Arches & AlcovesĀ front boulder section including some VB’s for the beginner climbers...